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Norton Antivirus Features and Benefits

  • Fast Protection: As many people are using personal computers at home to watch movies, playing video games and downloading mp3 audio files; desktop or laptop device has become such a drain that easy computing is not possible. Computer resources are getting affected with constant activities mentioned above and upon that, installation of an antivirus product on the device results in a slow response of the device. Using Norton; it is totally a different case as this security software application flushes out all the unwanted files from the PC or mobile device at the quickest and increases its overall performance. Here are some of the technologies with which it is possible.
  • Norton Insight: Each and every file is scanned are scanned by all the antivirus applications and slows down the device performance. With Norton antivirus; only those infected files are scanned and removed from the PC or mobile device which are detected in quick time with the help of insight technology encapsulated in the security shield.
  • Silent Mode: A user can put Norton antivirus in Silent mode so that alerts and on- critical updates are delayed anytime when he/she is using device to watch movies, listening to audio files as well as at the time of playing video games so that device resources are not captured due to antivirus scanning and slow down the PC which has a very low probability while using PC device.
  • Smart Scheduler: With Norton smart scheduler, users can perform their work efficiently as large updates and deep scans are not performed by antivirus application until and unless the device is free or left unused.
  • Proactive Performance Alerts: When any of the software application installed on the device is adversely affecting the performance of the PC or mobile; Norton send a notification to the user so that necessary changes can be made at the earliest.
  • Pre-emptive Protection: Many antivirus products launched till now protect the device from known threats. Norton products are completely different from other brands as it is quite capable of detecting the threats in the PC or mobile device before it emerges on the watch list.
  • Sonar Behavioral Protection: If a specific file or groups of files or application in the device behave suspiciously, then Symantec online network for Advanced Response plays a vital role in showing the clues for the same. This is not the case with other antivirus products as they do not have sonar behavioral protection feature encapsulated in Norton products.
  • Norton Reputation Service: Most of the antivirus products have the tendency to determine which file stored on the PC or mobile device is good or bad by making a match against known threats. Norton reputation service starts its task by scanning a file to know about its identity, where it was created as well as the source to detect the threat level. Norton not only renders pre-emptive protection as well as the speed in which it scans.
  • Malware Protection: People generally look for effective antivirus products to block malware, files and always help in preventing the device from an unexpected attack of virus, spyware, worm, rootkits, adware as well as from bots.

There are several magnificent features in Norton Technical Support as signatures and heuristics are the benchmarks to identify the traces of virus and malware files on the PC, Mac, IOS as well as the android device. Email spam filtering and phishing protection are some of the other features that are encapsulated in Norton antivirus application to block the access of unsecured or malicious websites that spread adware, spyware and rootkit files in PC or mobile device if the feature is not working properly in the antivirus product installed on your device. In order to know how to install, activate or renew Norton Antivirus product, then official Norton Antivirus contact number (provided by Symantec Corporation) is available for the convenience of users to get in touch with Norton technical support team to resolve troublesome issues in shortest time period.

At Norton Technical support number, Norton users can easily take assistance to install Norton antivirus or Norton internet security suite, activate Norton product, renew Norton antivirus or internet security subscription as users are provided with the quality help to get connected directly with Norton antivirus technical support experts working with Symantec through alternative phone line in case they face long on-call waiting for queue after dialing Norton Technical Support contact number mentioned on the official website of Norton. Other than this, users can buy Norton antivirus products online as our customer service team help them in subscribing to the plans as per their requirement and help them in the download, installation, and activation of desired Norton product

Why Need to Contact Norton Technical Support Team?

As Norton users only know about scanning of PC or mobile phones to get malicious files removed from the device. But, there are unaware of the technical glitches that suddenly occur while using Norton product; be it is related to installation issues in Norton, corrupt setup files, firewall configuration issues, virus definition update issues, Norton product activation issues, Norton product renewal issues, instant upgrade of Norton product to latest version, issues in scanning device, problems in blocking the access to malicious websites containing adware, spyware and other suspicious files, compatibility issues with Windows OS, slow response of PC after Norton product installation, Norton product stops responding all of the sudden and much more.

Fix Norton Antivirus Problems given below with Technical Help.

  • Installation problems in Norton product.
  • Corrupt setup files error during Norton product.
  • Firewall Configuration problems.
  • Automatic Virus definitions update issues in Norton product.
  • Norton Antivirus Upgrade Issues to latest version.
  • Virus removal issues from the device once it gets detected.
  • Norton compatibility issues with Windows OS 2008 and 2010.
  • Unable to activate Norton antivirus and Norton internet security suite with the product
  • The problem in Norton product subscription renewal.
  • Slow response of PC once Norton is performing a complete scan of a device.
  • Un-installation and re-installation issues.

As they do not have any kind of knowledge or experience to fix these critical problems in shortest time period, there arise a need for the specialist experts working with Symantec Norton antivirus tech support; who is highly qualified and proficient in troubleshooting all kind of problems associated with Norton product in quick time as well as keep PC secured from suspicious activities.

How to Contact Norton Technical Support Team for Problem Resolution?

Antivirus users generally prefer to contact Norton Antivirus technical support team to get troublesome issues occurring in any of Norton product within a short span of time. Official Norton Technical Support number, launched by Symantec; proves to be quite helpful for the users as they can instantly contact with experts working for Norton Technical Support

But there arise a scenario, when users are unable to avail instant tech support for Norton antivirus product as all the phone lines sometimes remain busy as Norton Technical Support experts working for Symantec Corporation are busy rendering quality help to the new or existing customers; whenever a call is given at Norton antivirus tech support number.

Hence there is no other option left with users to contact Norton support by creating a ticket and explaining their problem within. But it is really a long process and will not provide to be fruitful for them to get instant help from Norton experts as compared to dialing contact number for Norton antivirus technical support and getting quick help for problematic issues occurring therein.

Antivirus support number is an independent client service provider, rendering instant help to the users by connecting them with Norton experts working for Symantec Corporation in quick time through alternative phone line available with us. We have a team of qualified officials; who diagnose the issues prevailing in Norton product and prepare notes for the same as well as pass it over to experts at Symantec corporation for whom it will be a time-saving process as they directly work on the troublesome problems and get it rectified in quick time through remote desktop access authorized by users.

Our Services Include:

  • Diagnose problems occurring in Norton products and prepare notes for the same.
  • Quick help in download and installation of Norton Product after ordering it online.
  • Instant help for activation of Licensed Norton product by qualified officials.
  • Quality assistance in Renewal of Norton product subscription.
  • Facilitate in Resolving Windows OS Compatibility issues with Norton products.

Our team of expert technicians will guide you from the start to the end of process of use of Norton removal tool. You can call ourNorton internet security Number 1-800-556-3499 to take help from our technicians. Our technicians are available 24*7 at your service.

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